Trading Solutions

Through trading service we want to connect the world of Factory Automation at one point. At the moment we have solutions for :

Factory Automation Components

RFAS helps customers to achieve high scale volume production goals and raise their market competitiveness by helping to fulfill local and international standards

Jigs & Fixture Solutions

We are capable of offering the best solutions related to the Jigs and Fixtures Design. Our team of engineers has the in depth knowledge…

Laser Marking Solutions

RFAS configures and manufactures a high-perfomance custom built Fiber Laser engraving machines. We do serve different industries for their product…

Custom Build Solutions

We offer custom build solutions for all industries.

Manual Work Stations

True manual assembly systems are typically individual workbenches for each stage in the assembly process. The product gets passed manually…

Conveying Solutions

Conveyors are machines and equipment which carry ingredients, products, containers, packs or packaging components from one place to another.

Semi-Automatic Stations

Semi-automatic systems are probably the broadest part of the assembly system spectrum. These can include the smallest help from an operator….

Feeding Solutions

Vibratory bowl feeders are the most common device used to feed components in Industrial Assembly Automation Applications. Vibratory feeders….

Fully Automatic Stations

At Robotica FA Solutions, we see fully automatic systems as solutions that require no human interaction. This means the product is loaded into feed systems….

Material Handling Solutions

An automated material handling system will be used where there is no human intervention is possible and it could be achieved….

Solutions for

With the above Methodology we Achieve solutions for :

Screwing Solutions

Screw driving is a system used to turn a screw. At a minimum, it is a set of shaped cavities and protrusions on the screw head that allows…

Traceability Solutions

Custom Build Assembly & Testing Systems


Data Acquisition Systems

Pressing Solutions

Pneumatic,Hydraulic,Hydro-Pneumatic and Servo Based.

Joining Solutions

Welding, Riveting, Soldering

Weighing & Counting Automations

Gauging Solutions

Leak testing Solutions

Wet and Dry leak testing Methods

Marking Solutions

Dot pin, Scribe, Ink jet, Pad printing and Laser / 2D,Alphabets

Hot and Cold Insertion for the Plastic components

Dispensing Solutions